music for soundtracks and media

“Great music composed and delivered how you like it when you want it”

You are in the driving seat for your project, you just want a great sounding soundtrack for a promotion, project or film. You don’t want to bother wading through hours of library music or auditioning artist whom all sound the same and don’t really care about your project.

Specialising in You Tube campaigns

I have a track record working personally with clients to ensure they get what they want or I give the commission fee back – guaranteed!

Most of the examples  here are either commissioned or written to a brief. I write independently but also work collaboratively with other great composers when the brief demands it. I use a mixture of live instruments and sounds combined with a vast collection of industry quality sample libraries. I work using Logic   (with Wave plugins) and Final Cut exclusively on macs, but can work on pro tools if required. I use Sibelius 7 score notation software if the project requires either the submission of a score or the realisation of a score.

I am an experienced conductor and can commission live sessions for you if the project requires it.

Here are a few short samples typical of my work for media and soundtracks

Big Piano led backing theme

[soundcloud url=”″ width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

Opening credits to a TV thriller

A short emotive offering

This was written to a brief requesting christmas soundtracks last July – I think I may have been listening to too much Keith Jarrett

This is one of many ambient ‘soundscapes’ I composed using the ‘scape’ software for iPad created by Brian Eno

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